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Avelox Nerve Damage


Avelox Nerve DamageNerve damage is a rare but serious side effect of Avelox (moxifloxacin), an antibiotic medication in the fluoroquinolone class. Unfortunately, studies of Avelox and nerve damage have found that most people develop symptoms rapidly (within 72 hours), and nearly 60% continue to have symptoms after one year. In August 2013, the FDA issued stronger warnings about this risk.

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What is Avelox?

Avelox (moxifloxacin) is an antibiotic drug that was developed by Bayer AG and approved by the FDA in 1999. It is used to treat a broad spectrum of bacterial infections, including pneumonia, sinusitis, tuberculosis, anthrax, skin infections, and more. Over 2.5 million Americans were treated with Avelox in 2011.

Brand-Names of Moxifloxacin

Avelox (moxifloxacin) may be sold under the following brand-names in America and internationally:

  • Avelox
  • Avalox
  • Avelon
  • Izilox
  • Actira
  • Megaxin

Studies Link Avelox and Nerve Damage

In 2001, the Annals of Pharmacotherapy published a study linking antibiotics in the fluoroquinolone class to a risk of severe, long-term nerve damage that involves the peripheral nervous system and other organs.

Researchers found evidence that nerve damage can occur rapidly — within 24 hours in 33% of cases, 72 hours in 58% of cases, and one week in 84% of cases. Over 70% of people still had symptoms three months later, and 58% had symptoms one year later.

FDA Warning for Avelox and Nerve Damage

The Medication Guide for Avelox was updated in October 2004 to include information about the risk of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). In August 2013, the FDA updated the risk information because “the potential rapid onset and risk of permanence were not adequately described.”

According to the Safety Warning for Avelox and Nerve Damage:

“The onset of peripheral neuropathy after starting fluoroquinolone therapy was rapid, often within a few days.  In some patients the symptoms had been ongoing for more than a year despite discontinuation of the fluoroquinolone. Several patients were continued on the fluoroquinolone drug despite the occurrence of neuropathic symptoms.”

What is Nerve Damage?

Nerve damage, also known as “peripheral neuropathy,” causes problems with signals between the brain and body, especially nerves that go to the feet, lower legs, and hands. It can also cause problems with internal organs, including the heart, blood vessels, bladder, or intestines.

Symptoms of Nerve Damage

  • Decreased sense of touch, temperature, texture, pain
  • Tingling, prickling, or burning that starts in the feet and spreads
  • Numbness (some patients describe it like wearing a thin sock)
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nerve pain that may be severe, chronic, jabbing, and sharp
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Loss of reflexes
  • Loss of fine motor skills
  • Decreased sense of balance and body position
  • Problems walking
  • And more

Treatment for Nerve Damage

Patients who seek treatment for nerve damage associated with Avelox may need to take medications (painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, topical creams and anesthetics, vitamin supplements, antidepressants, and more). Over time, nerves can regenerate and symptoms may subside. However, nerves have a limited ability to regenerate. In some cases, complications may not be treatable.

Do I Have an Avelox Lawsuit?

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